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King Voodoo - Voodooville | Crazy Love

This is “Voodooville” King Voodoo’s debut on Crazy Love recs, 15 tracks of big sounds, big fun and a great big modern production. Take out two pieces of bread, spread on some Hoodoo Gurus, slap a healthy portion of Hot Boogie Chillun, squirt a blob of Restless and Stray Cats then lay on the Southern Culture on the Skids, jump back, take ten deep breaths and get ready to completely ingest King Voodoo-caution: this product is hot and spicy, may cause mandatory whiskey chasers which lead to pure drunkenness and disoriented voodoo trance body convulsions around the house and car- may also cause heart burn and a zombie like hang over the next day. This has got to be a great live show already being paired up and touring with the likes of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Ray Gelato Giants and Matchbox. I consider this a must for any one that likes to have a good night out, this could be a few of you. So in the words of a wise one “Bow down to the hotrod racers, the truck stop wasters, the drive-in crazies, the juke-joint hellraisers. Ladies and Gentlemen……alive or undead….this is….King Voodoo!!!!”